Two years of constant attacks
Using crowdfunders to settle ideological scores.
Judith Butler, science fiction, gender identity, sex denialism, capitalism, and the pervasive and toxic influence of social media.
Thinking a thought all the way to the end
The different treatment of same-sex marriage and sex self-id in Switzerland.
Sacrificing clarity and truth on the altar of dogma
The unquestioning treatment of paediatric transition by Science Based Medicine
Addressing cherry-picked evidence and partisan misrepresentation.
Finding connections between LSD, conspiracy theories, software engineering, and Material Girls.
On March 24th, 2021, SNP MP John Nicolson recounted the story of being abused by an organisation he has repeatedly described as “sinister”, “far-right”…
Looking in detail at one false claim made repeatedly by Oz Katerji as part of a lengthy series of tweets, and how false realities serve to justify abus…
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